Find & Locate

We do our best to find and locate the car/truck of your dreams! If you have any particular needs and interests, which you believe we can accomplish for you, please contact us! If you're trying to find a truck just like your "grand-dads" old one or that ride from high school you let slip away years ago, we want to help!

We can sell as is (right out of the salvage yard) or we can discuss restoration and a custom build we do in house.

Restoration and/or Custom Build


We specialize in custom installing LS fuel injection engines into vintage vehicles along with automatic over-drive transmissions. We also update the wiring and electronic components and upgrade to an independent suspension and disc brakes with the ability to install air-ride in our vintage restored vehicles.

We respect the age of the vintage vehicles we restore and specialize in preserving the acquired patina by repairing any structural or major rust issues, then perform color blending and matching to the majority of patina on the vehicle. This makes our in house restorations truly "one of a kind." 


We can deliver and set up delivery world-wide. We are based in the middle of the United States in what use to be called the "Wild West!" We have not only shipped and delivered nation-wide, but also to countries such as Sweden, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark, Austria, United Arab Emirates, Australia, and many more. 


Uncovering the past, one car at a time.